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Implant Restoration

Implant Restorations in Gilroy

The loss of even one tooth can have a negative impact on your smile and overall health. Of the restorative options available, dental implants have proven to be the most effective at preserving aesthetics while supporting your long-term health. At the office of Edward L. Vines, we provide dental implant restorations in Gilroy for patients who are interested in this innovative procedure.

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How Dental Implants Preserve Your Health

Missing teeth cause a domino effect that should be addressed immediately. Without a complete set of functional teeth, you will not be able to chew as effectively and your health may suffer as a result. Not only that, but the structural integrity of your smile will be affected as well since surrounding teeth will begin to shift out of place further complicating your bite.

Dental implants preserve the health and structure of your smile. These titanium posts replace natural tooth roots and serve as the foundation for restorations, which Dr. Vines designs and places at his office in Gilroy. Your new teeth are produced at a local lab, using fine materials such as porcelain and zirconia. Both resemble natural enamel and are highly stain-resistant. 

What to Expect before Placement and Restoration

During your initial consultation for dental implants, Dr. Vines performs a comprehensive exam with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to determine whether you are a viable candidate. Ideal candidates have healthy bone volume and soft tissue If you do not meet these two conditions, preparatory treatments, such as bone grafts., are available that allow you to undergo implant placement at a later date. 

During the consultation, Dr. Vines takes detailed impressions of your existing teeth, which serve as the blueprint for your new smile. For extractions and the surgical placement of your implants, Dr. Vines collaborates with trusted oral surgeons. For patients with failing teeth, extractions can be performed on the same day as placement.

Implant Restoration Options in Gilroy

No matter how many teeth in your smile require replacement, our restorations preserve both your oral and overall health. Your implants posts generally need three to six months to heal after placements. When healing and integration are complete, you are asked to return to Dr. Vines’ office for the addition of your restorations. In order to ensure accurate shading and craft a smile that satisfies our patients’ preferences, our dentist works closely with a lab technician.

We offer the following restoration options for patients in need of new teeth:

  • Single Implant Crowns
  • Implant-Supported Dental Bridges
  • Fixed Implant Dentures 

Dr. Vines and his team make it their top priority to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible. With dental implants and their restorations in place, you will be able to smile confidently and enjoy better overall health for years to come.

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If you need to replace missing teeth, dental implants preserve the health, beauty, and function of your smile. At the office of Dr. Edward L. Vines, we provide beautiful restorations that allow you to smile with confidence. Call our office in Gilroy today to schedule your appointment!


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